Farrow Lumber

100 years and Counting

We source only the highest quality timber from over a million acres in the heart of America. Family owned and operated for over 100 years, the Farrow Lumber brand has become synonymous with superior service and world-class products.

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Long considered to be a grand symbol of strength and wisdom, the mighty oak is used today for both its beauty and function. Most commonly, the oak is used in furniture, flooring, and building.


Birch is well known for its light and youthful appearance, which comes from its fine grain and pale color. Its usages span from essential oils to furniture and flooring.


Besides being keeper of the sweetest pancake syrup, maple wood is most famous as sturdy wood used for bowling alleys, butcher blocks, and baseball bats. It's the best choice for durability.

Stewards of your land

We’ll treat your land as if it’s our own; because when it comes to the earth, it is. We believe that all of us are here to share this land, and we take care of it that way.

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